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I am adding this support section because of the number of people who have kindly asked how they can help me financially. Firstly, do not feel you need to give me any money. At the moment (until the end of my PhD), YouTube is not my full time career, so any money I make is a bonus. If you do not have much money to spare, I would much rather you invest it in yourself and your own future. However, here are some ways you can help me out without spending any extra money yourself:

Amazon Affiliate links

If you use these links when buying from Amazon, it doesn't cost you any extra money but I get a small amount of commission:



Referral promo codes

These are all services I use regularly, and if you use these codes when you first sign up to this service, you get money off and I get money off:

Amazon Student: (you get £5, I get £5)

Deliveroo: (you get £2.50 off, I get £2.50 off)

AirBnB: (I get £15 when you spend £55)

GBK: sP9Ss (you get a free side, I get a free side)


If, after all that, you still want to donate, thank you. I haven't (yet) set up a Patreon for reasons too complicated to go into here, but you can make one-off payments to my PayPal at