Sally Le Page
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I enjoy working closely with brands to create a tailored video(s) that are valuable for both of us, and in the best cases, working with brands allows me to make videos that I wouldn't have the opportunities to make otherwise. This means that both the level of brand integration in the video and the production time can vary hugely, so it does not make sense for me to use a generic rates card. Please email me and we can discuss your exact needs and how we can best work together.

Being a science communicator and video maker is now my full-time job. I therefore do not give public talks or host live events without a speaker fee.

If you would like to get in contact with me for a business enquiry, please email me at

Alternatively, if you just want to say a quick hello, you can also tweet me @sallylepage. All my other social media links are also below.



Can you speak at my event? We don’t have the budget to pay you but we will cover your expenses.

Sorry, I rely on speaking fees to pay my rent, and so I can only afford to volunteer my time on one or perhaps two unpaid talks a year. Covering expenses means I won’t be spending any of my own money to speak at your event (i.e. the bare minimum), but it still means I have to take time away from working on projects that allow me to earn a living.

But we’re a charity/not-for-profit organisation?

I appreciate many charities and NPOs have to stick to a tight budget. However, unless everyone in the company is working for free (including catering, venue costs, management), it is unfair for speakers to be expected to work for free. As I typically speak at science outreach events, the majority of my clients are charities, so you can see how it is unfeasible for me to spend the majority of my time working for free.

Can you answer some questions for my school assignment?

Sorry, no. I receive too many of these requests to answer all of them and so I have decided it is only fair to answer none of them.

Can I use your video?

If you want to embed the video in the original YouTube player on your site, that’s fine. If you want to show a video to your class directly from YouTube, that’s fine. For any other use, please email me using the address above. Specifically, if you’re a commercial website, social media page, news organisation or TV company, I do not give permission to publish gifs or still frames from my videos without explicit prior permission, and this will almost certainly incur a licensing fee.

Are you going to work with Rooster Teeth again?

Hopefully. But as I live in London, being a guest on the podcast requires a long-haul flight to Texas so won’t happen very often.