Sally Le Page

biologist · youtuber · communicator

Shed Science is a fun series on YouTube about the really fascinating bits of biology, ranging from genetics to behaviour, coming to you from my very own garden shed.

I am a multi-award winning science YouTuber, which all started with my flagship biology series, Shed Science. My ethos with Shed Science, and with my science communication as a whole, is to bring science more into mainstream culture where everyone can enjoy it.

I use every tool possible, from music to costumes to animation, in order to show just how interesting biology really is. I make Shed Science for people like my university friends - intelligent and keen to learn, but who don't necessarily have a background in science. 

One of my videos, "Without Evolution", won the national The Guardian and Oxford University Press Very Short Film Competition in 2013, and another, "The Tragedy of the Commons", was a finalist at the international Evolution Film Festival 2016. My videos have also been featured at the Oxford Natural History Museum and on multiple university courses.

I make other biologically-related videos which can all be found on my YouTube channel.